Wedding Planning Meeting


Wedding Planning Meeting

at The Mill Barns

When the time finally arrives to begin planning the big day, it’s natural to feel a whole mixture of emotions. From pure excitement to a few nerves here and there, we want you to be assured that our Events Team are here to support you the whole way. 

Ready To Go

All the exciting finer details of your special day will be discussed at your Wedding Planning Meeting so that we can confirm exactly how you’d like things to run on the day. This means you will be free to enjoy every second of the celebrations, while we have everything else under control.

We will arrange your meeting to take place at The Mill Barns around three months before your big day. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you on a personal level and really understand your vision. Although we’d really like to meet you in person, we understand that this can sometimes be difficult, so we are more than happy to hold the meeting via Zoom for couples who live further away.

The Wedding Party

We will ask you for your daytime and evening guest numbers and identify together who you’d like as your key players on the day. Usually, these are loved ones who you can undoubtably rely on to offer you support on special moments throughout the day.
For example, it’s useful for us to know things like who will be joining you to get ready in the Dressing Room, or who might be up for announcing your entrance into the Mill Pond Barn for the Wedding Breakfast.

Knowing these details enables us to envisage how you want things to flow which we can translate into visual plan that we will share with you, along with the online wedding planning tools that you will have access to. Some of your suppliers may also like to take a peek at this plan so they know where they fit into the schedule. With all things, we realise circumstances sometimes change, so don’t worry if any last-minute tweaks need to be made to the plans, as long as we are all on the same page that’s all that matters.


We will discuss timings and work them around your booked ceremony time. Timings include things like:

  • Live entertainment
  • Cutting your cake
  • The First Dance
  • Speech duration


Booking in with any suppliers you may want is best done early on, as their bookings can get filled up really quickly! It’s great if we can grab their details off you during the meeting so that we have them on hand should we need to contact them directly at any point.

Suppliers may include:

  • Florists
  • Photographers
  • Venue stylists
  • DJs

Our Handpicked Suppliers list includes some incredible suppliers who we trust and highly recommend. You can check this out using the button below.

Handpicked Suppliers

Personal Touches

We love seeing how every couple puts their own stamp on the venue with personal touches. We always like to discuss these ideas in the meeting to make sure they all work within the venue and your schedule. As The Mill Barns is already so architecturally incredible, very little is needed to add your own personal touch, so there is no need to stress.
However, should you wish to really take it to the next level in dressing the venue, you may need to supply an independent venue stylist, as your lovely Event Manager only has a limited amount of time during the morning to set up the venue for you.


Hearing your choice of music as a couple is always such an interesting part of the meeting, as it is symbolic of your relationship and helps us to really get to know you both.

Many couples choose to have two songs for the beginning of the ceremony and two to leave, accompanied by a playlist to play in the background for the guests’ arrival. We find that the most sufficient way of supplying us with this music is by sharing it with us via a public playlist on Spotify, which we can then play through the music system in The Mill Wheel Barn.

It’s also always a pleasure to welcome live musicians to the venue to soundtrack your beautiful ceremony. A live String Quartet always adds that touch of romance. Our Handpicked Suppliers list also includes some wonderful live musicians

Wedding Playlist

Here To Help

Our Wedding Specialists are always here to help you achieve your dream wedding and are always happy to answer any questions both big and small. We hope that this helps you to prepare for your Planning Meeting and we can’t wait to discuss all your exciting plans with you.

Thank you to Bohemian Rose Photography for the fabulous snaps of the lovely Matt and Amii.

Bohemian Rose Photography