Wedding Music Playlist

Your wedding day music.

Music is easily overlooked when it comes to wedding planning decisions but your wedding music sets the mood at your wedding. If you want to hear the songs that mean something to you both, then it’s worth thinking about the songs to love to create your ultimate wedding playlists.

Things to Note

To help the Event Manager know what music to play and when. Please set up the music for each section of the day as separate playlists.

If you're using Spotify, please make sure that all songs and playlists are downloaded.  Please do not rely on the wifi for streaming them.

1. Arrival of Guests

A small selection of background music to help settle your guests into the ceremony room. Choose around 5-10 tracks that make your guests smile as the anticipation builds towards the big moment. You can create your own playlist and choose the music for this or alternatively we can supply a playlist.

2. Entrance Music

This is the one track for you to make your entrance into the ceremony. Remember, there is usually only 45 seconds or so for the party to move from the back of the room to the Registrar’s table at the front, so some wedding music is more appropriate than others.

Our suggestions include: Wedding March (Wagner), Canon in D Major (Pachelbel), Only Love (Ben Howard), The One (Kodaline) and Marry Me (Train).

3. The Signing of Register

A couple of songs with special significance or your favourite music to be played whilst you sign the register during your wedding.

Our suggestions include: Have I Told You Lately (Van Morrison), We’ve Only Just Begun (The Carpenters), A Thousand Years (Cristina Perri),  Better Together (Jack Johnson) and Everything (Michael Bublé)

4. Exit Music

A single track to be played as you exit the ceremony. This usually reflects your personal taste now that the serious part is over and is something light and celebratory!

Our suggestions include: Love Me Do (The Beatles), Wedding March (Mendelssohn), Signed, Sealed Delivered (Stevie Wonder), Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke), You Make My Dreams (Daryl Hall & John Oates)

5. Drinks Reception

Choose wedding music to set the ambience during your drink’s reception with personalised playlist to last around 1 hour 30 minutes. This playlist can be your own selection, or we can supply a playlist for you.

Our suggestion for this part of your day is BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

6. Wedding Breakfast

Add to the ambience of your wedding breakfast with a playlist of your choice to last around 2 hours. When choosing the tracks for this playlist, think carefully as you don’t want it overpowering the dinner conversation.

You can choose this playlist yourself or alternatively we can supply a playlist for you.

7. First Dance

Your First Dance song is one of the most important songs on your wedding day. The music you choose will always be remembered and cherished by you and your guests.

Choose a track that means something to you. Supply us with a playlist as a helpful back up in case your band or DJ doesn't have the correct version of your song.

Top Wedding Music Tips

If you are using a mobile phone to create the playlists for your day, please ensure that your phone is on flight mode to prevent any calls coming through mid ceremony.

Please ensure that the device you are using for your wedding music playlists has a compatible headphone jack for our sound system. We have an adaptor available for newer models of the iPhone.

Make sure your device is fully charged and ready to go to play your wedding music.

Keep In Mind

Just about any choice of music is permissible during Civil Ceremonies other than music of a religious nature.

It’s can sometimes be difficult to define where ‘religious music’ and certain pieces of ‘classical’ and ‘popular music’ have their boundaries, therefore Registrars will not allow tracks which refer to words such as ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in their titles or lyrics for your wedding music.

Live Music

Alternatively, you can choose to have live music such as a harpist or string quartet during the ceremony and drinks reception if you wish.

Take a look at our Handpicked Suppliers list for live Daytime Music inspiration.

Handpicked Suppliers