Married couple and their dog

Dog Friendly Weddings


Dog Friendly Weddings

at The Mill Barns

For most of us, our dogs are more than just a pet. Our fur babies become part of the family. So, it’s only right that you are able to involve them on your special day at The Mill Barns. That’s why we’re proud to be a dog friendly wedding venue! Read on to learn more about how your furry friend can play a small part in your big day!

All Paws On Deck!

Including your dog on your wedding day is a way to celebrate your special bond and acknowledge the important role your dog plays in your life.

 A fabulous way to honour this special companionship is to allocate your dog the role of ring bearer! Just picture your precious fur baby bursting into room, rings in tow, trotting towards you with eyes full of love! They truly do make the sweetest of ring bearers, so long as they don’t steal the show completely!

Before your pup heads home, you might want them to stick around for a few photographs out in the gardens. It’s always best to give your photographer the heads up if you plan to include your dog in your photography. This way, they can plan ahead to ensure they get the cutest snaps!

Outside of ring bearing duties, we ask that your dog remains outdoors and returns home safely before the Wedding Breakfast.

Dog Chaperones

You will want your loved ones to relax and enjoy the day you have planned. This makes it a little difficult to organise care for your dog on your wedding day. You’ll feel much more at ease knowing your treasured pup is in the safe hands of a trusted dog-sitting service.

We recommend the well-established Precious Pets Weddings who can chaperone your dog on your wedding day.

They ensure that your dog arrives on time and will be ready to assist with their ring bearing duties. They will also work with your photographer to help get the most incredible shots, before escorting them home safely. You may even want to treat your pooch to added extras such as their full care and pamper day package!

Precious Pets Weddings

Dog Friendly Rules

  • Give your guests the heads up that your dog will be attending. Someone may have an allergy that you are not aware of.
  • Your dog’s well-being is paramount. You will want to consider your dog’s temperament and if they will enjoy being in a busy environment. You will want them to enjoy it as much as you!
  • There are eight acres of grounds and gardens bursting with life. So please always keep your dog on the lead as not to disturb this. Also, don’t forget the trusty poop bags!
  • Keep your Event Manager in the loop regarding your dog’s attendance. They will need to let the registrars know for your ceremony.
  • Please note that wedding guests may not bring their own dogs. We also do not allow them to be left inside vehicles on the car park.
  • Dogs may not stay overnight in our onsite accommodation and must return home before the Wedding Breakfast begins.

Guide / Assistance Dog Policy