Securing Your Wedding Registrar


Securing Your Wedding Registrar

at The Mill Barns

After your booking is confirmed with The Mill Barns, we can only imagine the excitement that follows. Your first point of call should be to secure your Wedding Registrar and give notice as soon as you can. You can give notice from 12 months prior to the wedding, but no later than 28 days before.

Giving Notice

You can arrange an appointment at your local register office to officially inform them that you intend to marry. You must call the office within your residential district where you have lived for at least the past 7 days. Even if you live outside the registration district of The Mill Barns.

Please feel reassured that there is no need to worry about your appointment. You will simply answer questions about yourself and your partner to prove that you are legally able to marry.

Your Appointment

You will be required to provide several documents during your appointment. You may want to contact the register office to confirm what they require you to bring. This is important as you will need to pay for another appointment should you not provide the correct documentation. Documents may include personal identification such as passports or proof of your address.

You will then sign a legal notice of marriage which the Register Office will display publicly for 28 days. This gives the public the opportunity to put forward any reasoning if they think you cannot legally marry.

Securing Your Wedding Registrar

As Wedding Registrars only have limited availability, the sooner you can secure yours, the better! You can look at their availability on your wedding date online and then contact the Shropshire Registration Office to book. You can then request your ceremony time that you will have arranged with The Mill Barns Events Team.

Once your wedding is within a 2-year window, you can then secure your registrar. Should your wedding be over 2 years away, you may want to set yourself a little reminder to contact them.

Your wedding schedule is all dependent on your ceremony time. So getting confirmation of your ceremony time as early as possible is really useful! You must also always ensure that your allocated registrar is able to travel to The Mill Barns.

Before The Big Day

After you have secured your registrar, you will be provided with a selection of readings to choose from. However, there are sections of the wording that must not be changed due to it being a legally binding ceremony. For instance, you could not include a hymn or religious wording in a civil ceremony, as they are non-religious. You are, however, always welcome to request a personal reading or your own vows. You are always best to contact the registrar beforehand to discuss any additions to your ceremony.

You may also want to discuss with your registrar how they could help you on the day. You may want to ask them to make an announcement for you during the ceremony. This could be a key moment such as leading guests into the confetti walk following your ceremony.

On The Big Day

We are often asked if there is a rehearsal of the ceremony prior to your big day. As the registrars are booked up for weddings most days, they unfortunately can’t conduct a rehearsal. However, they will always arrive around 30 minutes before your ceremony to speak to you both in private. This is just to ensure that everyone is happy with the schedule.

Together, you will re-confirm your choice of readings and the order of ceremony. This way you can be assured that your ceremony will flow exactly how you have envisioned.

You can contact the registrars directly on 0345 678 9016, or email using the button below.

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