Wedding Day Do’s and Dont’s



Everyone has different priorities for their big day and we’re here to help you do it your way but I thought I’d share some wedding day do’s and don’ts that I’ve picked up during my time as an Event Manager.

Do Have Your Make-Up Done Professionally

For some brides this will be a given, it’s their wedding day and they want to look their best so of course they’re going to hire a professional make-up artist.

Others will baulk at the suggestion, wondering why they should bother, when they do a perfectly good job of their own make-up every day.

I’ll be honest, I fell into the latter camp but having seen how the professionals work and how amazingly natural but radiant a professionally made-up bride looks throughout their wedding day, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire a pro if I was doing it all over again.

You’ll still look like you, just better! The effects will last all day and withstand an emotional ceremony.

Kate Scott Photography - The Mill Barns

Don’t Forget to Allow Some Time With Your Dad

Don’t forget to work a few precious moments with your dad before the ceremony into your wedding day timings. Plan how much time you need to get ready, at a nice leisurely pace and don’t forget to factor in ten minutes for your dad right before the ceremony.

The first time your dad sees you in your wedding dress can be one of the most emotionally charged moments of the day and it’s such a shame if you haven’t got time to relish it before heading off to the ceremony, eek!

If you’ve got a short drive to the church as Laura did, you’ve got it covered.

Kate Scott Photography - The Mill Barns

Do Share Your Wedding Day Timings

Wedding guests are never sure how long the drinks reception will last and they all like to know! Share your wedding day timings with them, either in your wedding day service or on a blackboard or sign at the venue, your guests will appreciate it.

If your guests know it’s an hour and a half until the wedding breakfast they’ll pace themselves accordingly and won’t get too tipsy before the meal.

Equally if they’re looking after young children they’ll know how long they’ve got to feed them or take them for a leisurely walk around The Mill Pond.


Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

The venue is so beautiful it doesn’t need masses of decorations; a few personal touches to make it your own are lovely but when you’re surrounded by loved ones and the drinks are flowing, you don’t need much else to guarantee an amazing day.

I once overheard a Maid of Honour calming a Bride (who was fretting over the spacing of tea lights,) not to forget that if by 1 o’clock that day she’d married the love of her life, everything else was a bonus.

Kate Scott Photography - The Mill Barns

Do Have Some Fun

Whether you fancy organising some silly games in between courses at the wedding breakfast, hiring a bucking bronco, arranging a Marryoke or surprising guests with a Host-A Roast where the nominated carvers are given comedy aprons to wear…don’t ever doubt that a bit of fun at a wedding is a genius idea.

Guests love it! It gets everyone laughing and talking and really breaks the ice between guests that have never met before.

Kate Scott Photography - The Mill Barns

Don’t Make Out On the Dance Floor!

It doesn’t happen often, but I have witnessed couples forgetting themselves in the moment and getting a little carried away during their first dance… just remember everyone is watching and your display of affection can make guests feel a teeny bit awkward!

Better to go with a slightly rehearsed routine to a shortened version of your song, before upping the tempo and getting all your guests on the dance floor to really get your party started.


Do Hire a Wedding Photographer

I know it can seem like an extravagance to hire a professional wedding photographer but it really is worth it. Your wedding day goes by so fast in a blur of emotion, fun and laughter and it’d be a terrible shame if you didn’t have some fabulous photos you can look at in years to come.

Thank you to the wonderful Kate Scott for sharing these fabulous photos of Laura and Sean’s wedding at our sister wedding venue The Ashes Barns in May. Click on the image to the right and enjoy Laura and Sean’s fabulously stylish wedding day.

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