Wedding Barn with Accommodation

The Mill Barns wedding venue offers luxury onsite accommodation for up to 50 wedding guests in addition to an awesome Bridal Suite which offers stunning views over Paper Mill Brook and the estate’s cascading waterfall. Read on to discover why choosing a wedding barn with accommodation will enhance your enjoyment of the big day…

Cherish Every Moment

I don’t know when life got so busy, I‘m sure I used to have more time on my hands. We all seem to whizz through our days and I don’t know if it’s the same for you but if I want to meet up with my close friends we need to give each other a month’s notice at least!
That’s why it’s so important to cherish every moment of your incredible wedding day. Choosing a wedding barn with accommodation means that you get to enjoy more of your wedding day, as do your guests.


A Real Treat!

From your guests’ point of view, inviting them to a wedding barn with accommodation means they can get super excited – not only have they got your fabulous wedding to look forward to but they get a night away too!
If like our featured couple, you’re making your wedding a real family affair the kids will think it’s brilliant that they get to stay overnight somewhere special, it really adds to the excitement.

Less Stress

Choosing a wedding barn with accommodation helps alleviate some of the stress for the Bride and Groom; your parents are sorted and won’t worry about where they are going to stay the night of the wedding and you can reassure any relatives or friends travelling from afar that they only have to get to the wedding venue and won’t have a hideously long journey home at the end of the night.



Party Hard

Opting for a wedding barn with accommodation is also ideal if you’re hoping that your evening reception will be a party to remember. Your party animal friends will be delighted that they have the option to book into the wedding venue’s guest rooms; they’ll let their hair down, safe in the knowledge they only have a short walk (crawl) to bed at the end of the night!

Enjoy Breakfast Together

One of the major attractions for me of choosing a wedding barn with accommodation goes back to my original statement; we’re all so busy that being able to cherish each other’s company all day with no one leaving early and knowing that you’ll see your loved ones for breakfast the next morning is a major benefit.
Enjoying breakfast in The Granary the next morning is delightful; the wedding day is re-lived, favourite moments discussed, hangovers inevitably compared – it’s brilliant.


Martyn and Malena

Congratulations again to the gorgeous Martyn and Malena who were married at our sister wedding Pendrell Hall Country House with Rooms in May this year.
They made the most of every second of their special day and enjoyed a lively breakfast the next morning with those friends and loved ones who had booked to stay in Pendrell Hall’s fabulous guest accommodation.
All the warmth of their beautiful wedding was captured superbly by the fabulous Cris Lowis who has already taken a few bookings for weddings at The Mill Barns; visit his site by clicking the link below.

Cris Lowis

Wedding Barn with Accommodation

The Mill Barns offers you:
• Exclusive Use of its Wedding Barns and Eight Acre Estate
• The option to Supply Your Own Drinks with No Corkage Fee
• Indoor and Outdoor Waterfront Weddings
• Onsite Luxury Wedding Accommodation
• Creative Catering with a Design Your Own philosophy
• An Award-Winning Events Team
• Dream Team Wedding Suppliers
• Stunning Shropshire Location
• Special Introductory Offers on 2017 Weddings

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